Separation & Divorce Counseling

Going through a separation or divorce is a challenging and painful experience. It impacts your life on many levels and brings with it a flood of emotions such as sorrow, anger, fear or guilt. At the heart, the pain of separation and divorce is mourning the loss of someone you cared for deeply as well as letting go of the dreams and the plans you had for your future together. Support is important as you make your way through this difficult time, family, friends and separation and divorce counseling or groups can each help you as you begin to grieve and rebuild.

Support and more support

The first months are the hardest months. You may be feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, sad and lost. The everyday things you used to do with ease may now seem almost impossible. If you find this is true for you allow yourself some grace, identify your support system and don’t go it alone. Give yourself the space you need to heal, be generous with your self-care and stay connected with others.

Separation and Divorce Groups and Counseling can help

Both individual counseling and groups can help you begin healing and move towards recovering fully from your separation or divorce. Together we will address the challenges and painful feelings you are experiencing such as:

  • Grieving the loss of your partner, your sense of family and the loss of “the dream” of your life together
  • Changes in the structure of your daily life and in your identity
  • Changes in your life at home and with your family and friends
  • Making legal decisions while you are grieving or angry
  • Rediscovering who you are outside of the relationship you had with your ex-partner
  • Creating healthy boundaries between you and your ex that fosters healing
  • Suddenly becoming a single parent
  • Keeping your children from being caught “in the middle”
  • Learning how to co-parent and raise your children together and separately
  • Finding your new normal
  • Identifying new dreams for your future
  • And when you are ready – dating and healthy resilient relationships in your future

I’ll walk alongside you as you grieve and begin rebuilding your life, relationships and vision for your future. My approach is interactive and supportive, creating a compassionate space to grieve your loss and step into healing and recovery.

People often say they can’t see any light at the beginning, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I offer both counseling and a support group for separation and divorce. I am seeing clients online only at this time. If you have questions I can be reached at

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