Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy to Support Your Life

Are you here now because something unexpected has happened in your life? Do you find yourself struggling or constantly feeling worried, sad or lost? Or perhaps you know what you want but feel uncertain of how to make it happen in your life. When we find ourselves caught in struggle it makes it difficult for us to feel good and function well in our lives and relationships. Individual counseling can empower you to calm your mind, heal your heart and feel more confident and happy in your life.

People frequently come to see me when they want help with:
Feelings of depression and anxiety, self-worth and shame
Navigating change or transition
Healing from loss, separation or divorce
Communication, conflict and trust
Health Issues, Chronic Illness
Caregiver Stress, Helping Professional Fatigue
Boundaries and self-care practices
Cultivating healthier more satisfying relationships
Building trust and confidence in your lives
Feeling more calm, relaxed and grounded in who you are
Deeper engagement and balance in life, happier and more resilient

I love to see people begin to engage in their lives with more ease, to feel happier, lighter, more connected and grounded in who they are.

Everyone experiences challenges in life. Many times we are able to sort them out on our own. Other times we are able to lean on those close to us as we make our way through. Every now and then we find ourselves  needing a little extra support from someone with an outside perspective. Someone to help us see our options more clearly and the path that will take us in the direction we want to go. Sometimes we may even need a lot of support.

My individual counseling and psychotherapy approach is interactive and supportive. I bring to my work with you care, compassion and a belief in your ability to access the life you desire. Together we will create a space where you can heal, gain tools and resilience to navigate challenges, obstacles, uncertainty and loss with more confidence and identify paths and practices to connect to what is really important to you.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment you can contact me at or by phone at 206-250-9060.