Meditations and Reflections on the Meaning of a Life Well Lived

The measure of a life well lived is an intensely personal belief, shaped in part by one’s family and one’s cultural norms, as well as one’s age and experiences in life. But for all the differences that may be found, there is also a vast number of commonalities. Our commonalities I believe are what nourish us as human beings, and our differences are that which teach us how to be human.

My thought for the day-

Our collective lives converge into a kaleidoscope of shifting patterns and colors; together we create beauty in motion. And yet it is imperative we take pause and appreciate ourselves.

We are each an important force in the health and well-being of our own life, the life of our communities, and the broader world. And when we each bring the best of ourselves forward, we create a breathtaking world.

As you move through your day, take care and honor your unique self.


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