It is when we pause our life, that we can find our life

We move through our days, full
A jumble of directions, activities and deadlines
Infused with worries and joys
Our minds
They jump from past to future, future to past
And then they circle around again
At times a blur

We anticipate, we remember
Always thinking
Always thinking

But what if
All at once we take a pause
Allow ourselves to become fully present
In this very moment
Aware of our self
Aware of what surrounds us

For here, now
In this very moment
We are truly alive
Our life is actually happening
And this awareness brings life
To our lives

It is when we pause our life, that we can find our life

It untangles us, if just for a moment
From our past and our future
And awakens us to our calm center
The space within us that is eternal
Where our personal truths and our heart
Lay in wait
For us to return



  1. 🙂 I like this. Reminds me of an essay I wrote last year:

    … I recently went and sat on a log over a forest stream. The stream made a slightly different noise in each moment. Gurgle-glug-glug-gup-gup-gurgle. It was consistently inconsistent… perfectly imperfect. That’s the way it is with moments when we can fully open to them. They are perfectly imperfect. They’re all that is, and then they’re gone forever.

  2. Consistently inconsistent, perfectly imperfect, I love this. Your comment reminds me of the importance of becoming present, and the beauty that can be found in “letting go” and loving “what is.”

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