The Daring Way™ & Rising Strong™ Counseling & Groups

The Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™ are supportive and interactive group processes. The groups focus on and to build and integrate new tools and practices to show up, be seen and live bravely in your life while connecting more deeply with yourself and others. The material is based on Dr. Brené Brown’s 15 years of research on courage, vulnerability, shame and empathy.

The Daring Way™ Cultivating Wholeheartedness

Thursday evenings 2017 – 7 weeks
October 26th – Dec 14th (Thanksgiving week off)
First meeting
Oct 27th 6 – 9 PM
Nov 2nd – Dec 7th 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Last meeting
Dec 14th 6 – 9PM

Rising Strong™: Rising With Strength, Wisdom & Resilience

Thursday evenings 2018 – 8 weeks
First meeting
Feb 1st 6:30 – 9PM
Remaining meetings
Feb 8th – March 29th – 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

The Daring Way™ is a supportive and interactive group process. The group focuses on what is holding you back and how to build and integrate new tools and practices to show up, be seen and live brave™ in your life while connecting more deeply with yourself and others.

Rising Strong ™ groups focus on providing you the tools and practices to cultivate strength and resiliency in the face of struggles, challenges and falls. Based on the simple physics of vulnerability: If we are brave enough, often enough, we will fall. Rising Strong™ is about what it takes to get back up and how owning our stories of struggle give us the power to write a daring new ending.

The material is based on Dr. Brené Brown’s 16 years of research on courage, shame, vulnerability and empathy as pathways to living wholeheartedly.

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Become more comfortable in your own skin

The Daring Way™ identifies and offers tools to transform feelings of: 

Anxiety, self-criticism, self-doubt, feelings of not enough
Uncertainty, comparison, and perfectionism that undermine joy
Shame, blame and self-judgment, worrying about what others think
Guilt, worry and fear about saying no, wanting to be seen as nice or avoid conflict

“When we can let go of what other people think and own our story, we gain access to our worthiness…when we spend a lifetime trying to distance ourselves from the parts of our lives that don’t fit with who we think we’re supposed to be…we hustle for our worthiness by constantly performing, perfecting, pleasing, and proving.”  Brené Brown

Step into vulnerability with intention instead of letting the anxiety or fear of being vulnerable undermine your desires

Rising Strong counseling “Vulnerability isn’t good or bad: It’s not what we call a dark emotion, nor is it always a light, positive experience. Vulnerability is the core of all emotions and feelings. To feel is to be vulnerable.
To believe vulnerability is weakness is to believe that feeling is weakness. To foreclose on our emotional life out of a fear that the costs will be too high is to walk away from the very thing that gives purpose and meaning to living.”
Brené Brown

Integrate new skills and practices into your life to increase confidence and sense of self

The group is empowering, educational and interactive as it moves through the weeks with video clips from Brené each week, questions to explore and interactive discussions to dig deeper into the ideas presented. The group is a place where we can look at the struggles and dreams we have in new ways, finding we are not alone as we begin to build a practice to connect more deeply and authentically into our lives.

The Daring Way™ blends the empowering effect of group work and the 16 years of Brené’s research to help people create new practices in their lives. The group supports building resilience, compassion and intention that resonates with what is in the heart of each of each us, as we show up daily in our lives.

Finding our common humanity — or it isn’t just me

As we move through each week we begin to see how our own struggles are also the struggles of others – our common humanity as we begin to develop new practices in our lives that will support us in living a more wholehearted life – imperfectly.

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$550 or $520 ($65 per session) if paid in advance
Materials and snacks included.

alison withey brene brown

Group leader:
Alison Withey, LMHC, CDWF
Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator

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You can register for a Daring Way™ group or intensive here: Daring Way™ Registration Form.

The Daring Way™ is a highly experiential methodology based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown. The method was designed for work with individuals, couples, families, work teams, and organizational leaders. It can be facilitated in clinical, educational, and professional settings. During the process facilitators explore topics such as
vulnerability, courage, shame, and worthiness. Participants are invited to examine the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that are holding them back and identify the new choices and practices that will move them toward more authentic and wholehearted living. The primary focus is on developing shame resilience skills and developing daily practices that transform the way we live, love, parent, and lead.

The physics of vulnerability is simple: If we are brave enough, often enough, we will fall.
Rising Strong is a book about what it takes to get back up and how owning our stories of struggle gives us the power to write a daring new ending. Struggle can be our greatest call to courage and the clearest path to a wholehearted life.

Here’s how Brené describes the progression of her work:
The Gifts of Imperfection – Be you.
Daring Greatly – Be all in.
Rising Strong – Fall. Get up. Try again

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