Counseling Services

I offer counseling services for adults on a wide range of issues with a special focus on relationships, depression, anxiety and loss.

Individual Counseling Services

Relationship with yourself, partner, family and friends
Self-esteem and self-worth
Vulnerability, shame and worthiness
Communication, conflict and trust

Loss and Life Transitions
Loss of a loved one
Separation and divorce counseling, breakup
Starting a family, empty nester, retirement
Chronic illness and health concerns

Depression, Anxiety and Fears
Sadness, worry and self-doubt, racing thoughts
Loss of interest, feelings of hopelessness
Difficulties concentrating, sleep issues
Anxiety in relationships, feeling disconnected
Unresolved pain from the past

Compassion Fatigue
Caregiver stress
Helping professional stress

Personal and spiritual growth
Authenticity, self-compassion, resilient spirit, gratitude & joy, intuition & faith
Creativity, rest & play, calm & stillness, meaningful work, laughter, song & dance

Daring Way™ Focused Counseling for Wholeheartedness
Cultivating worthiness, authenticity, empathy and self-compassion
Letting go of comparison perfectionism, anxiety, and fear

Rising Strong™ Focused Counseling – Rising from our falls
Cultivating strength, wisdom and resilience as we rumble with vulnerability, shame, trust, grief & forgiveness, anxiety and criticism
The Daring Way™ & Rising Strong™ is based on the research of BrenĂ© Brown

Couples and Marriage Counseling Services

Working with couples who are wanting to build resiliency, intimacy and connection into their relationship as well as couples that are struggling with:
Communication, conflict
Resentment, betrayal
Trust, intimacy
Feeling rejected or unheard
Whether to stay together or separate

Group Support and Counseling

Currently offering three groups:
The Daring Way™ Living Wholeheartedly
8 week groups
Developing a skill set to increase resiliency to shame, quieting our inner-critic, owning our story
Building a practice of living authentically through cultivating courage, exercising compassion and nurturing connection in our lives.

Rising Strong™ Living Brave
8 week groups
Cultivating strength, wisdom and resilience as we rumble with vulnerability, shame, trust, grief & forgiveness, anxiety and criticism
*Certified Daring Way™ facilitator. See for more information.

Separation and Divorce Group
An ongoing mutual support group that meets year round
A therapeutic support group designed for people who are separated, divorcing or divorced. The group is a place where you can join with others who understand what you are going through and gain support and healing along the way.

I am committed to helping you move forward in your life, to access healing and gain strength, strategies and tools to look at, manage and solve the challenges life brings. Together we will work to identify and empower you to see your world more clearly and help you live your life more fully.

Begin moving towards a greater sense of ease and well-being in your life and relationships today!.

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